Minister of Finance Colm Imbert presented what is truly a COVID-19 budget. The only complainers, as we say in local parlance, “are the usual people who have cocoa in the sun.” Santa Claus does not live in T&T anymore.

So, who allegedly appears vexed the most? Let us start with the Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union and the Movement for Social Justice.

The People’s National Movement will no longer be buying cat in bag. Those days are over.

Is the company Patriotic Energies and Technologies, financially viable? Show the proof. There is no money in the Treasury to play back-up Santa Claus should financial trouble hit the fan. Promises are just promises. This is the COVID-19 truth. October 31 is the deadline date.

We are 1.3 million people with almost one million cars on the street. Why mince words? Like grapes and apples, and all luxury items of food, those who can afford them will buy them; end of story. All I ask is that local fruits and vegetables be cheaper than imported brands. For example why should a mango be more or just as expensive as apples and grapes?

The three daily newspapers have carefully listed the salient points of the this long awaited Covid-19 budget. Read daily and be informed about what is happening. Form your own opinions.

No part of T&T will be out of reach of social media. Like it or not, the Opposition need to be supportive of the various initiatives to take T&T forward.

Labour, in all its manifestations, must wake up and smell the COVID-19 coffee. Workers must really be prepared to work. No longer can trade union leaders expect to keep operating as private god like creatures. They cannot pay wages.

And what of our private sector? The super markets especially, must wake up to the fact that less marking up of goods will be essential in keeping all noses above water. Take it or leave it.

As COVID-19 continues to hold all nations in a stifling grip, the only escape from political and financial reality is death.

Lynette Joseph

Diego Martin