Opposition MP and Member of Parliament for Naparima, Rodney Charles MP. (Image courtesy Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago)

Opposition MP Rodney Charles is asking Minister of Works and Transport Rohan Sinanan, “Where are the comprehensive geotechnical surveys of lands in South?” The following is a press release from MP Charles.

MP Charles is calling for the finalizing of comprehensive geological, hydrological and topographic surveys of lands and roads, especially in South, to better understand existing landslips and encourage new road construction and home building in more stable areas.

In the last month alone, there have been 3 major landslides within Naparima. on Cipero, Realize and Corial roads.

As we speak, there are countless other existing or emerging landslips on Manahambre, Realize, Cipero, Garth, Sugar, Corial, St Croix, and Reform roads among others.

Billions continue to be wasted on temporary solutions and within a short space of time, these repairs deteriorate, as was the case with parts of Garth and Corial roads.

This results in continuous and expensive damage to water mains, houses, properties, crops and livestock.

Any CSEC student will tell you that constant repair work is a plaster on a sore. On some roads like the 3 mile long Realize and the longer St Croix roads there are landslips on almost every corner with numerous damaged homes.

Minister Sinanan stated in November 2020 that his ministry was conducting comprehensive geotechnical investigations and using the data to design suitable roads.

In June 2021 he further indicated in parliament that works in that regard had begun.

When will we see the results of these surveys to understand their implications for the location of our roads and fixing existing ones? Forever fixing landslips only to see these repairs deteriorate in short order, is spinning top in mud.

The Prime Minister, as a geologist, has chosen to ignore his one area of expertise which could have been used to benefit citizens, improve their quality of lives and reduce costs.

Minister Sinanan has had enough time to come up with innovative and concrete ideas. It is time to put these into action. Citizens in general and those in Naparima specifically are fed up of excuses, delays in fixing roads while vehicular maintenance costs mount and commuters are inconvenienced. It is time for results Minister Sinanan. Get the job done or let someone else who is more competent do it.