Opposition Leader Kamla Persad Bissessar is calling on the government to remove VAT on all food items. In a press release issued today, the opposition leader said that families across the nation are grappling with the worst economy in the nation’s history.

She said that over the past two years, thousands of persons have lost their jobs leaving their families struggling on the breadline and the Rowley regime claims to have spent over 5 Billion taxpayer dollars in Covid-19 relief, yet little of these monies have reached those in need. Rowley’s empty economic promises have created a nation of empty cupboards and empty stomachs.

Kamla further stated that under her administration VAT was removed from over seven thousand food items and the Government still operated comfortably. She said that the government can afford to give the people of Trinidad and Tobago a Merry Christmas by at least removing the VAT on all food items.