Former Minister and Member of Parliament Dr Tim Gopeesingh called on the Government to urgently implement booster vaccinations for all citizens above age 60 in particular. Gopeesingh was speaking during the Office of the Opposition Leader’s weekly media conference yesterday.

“Particularly those with comorbidities and even those without comorbidities based on what is happening around the world now with this new variant that could come to our shore at any time,” Gopeesingh said.

“The Minister of Health and Prime Minister Rowley must make an urgent decision that all citizens above 60 whether with or without comorbidities must have a booster dose and stop playing foolishness with the issue of a third dose.

“What is a third dose? Isn’t it a booster dose for those who have had two vaccines before? That is the systematics and the foolishness that emanate from an uncaring government,” he added.

The Government has been giving third doses of the COVID-19 vaccines and has termed it as a third primary dose and booster as has been done in other countries around the world.

As of yesterday, 21,611 people received the third primary dose.

Gopeesingh also slammed the Government’s daily talks about a parallel health system.

“The Prime Minister has admitted that our health care system is in a precipice almost collapsed completely. What they have done is that they are taking beds from the hospital system dealing with patients suffering from diabetes, hypertension, cancer, heart attacks, strokes, their care is being compromised in what they’re calling the parallel Healthcare system.

“So on one hand of the parallel, the COVID-19 system is at its worst with 2,090 deaths (now 2,115) and on the other parallel the citizens who are supposed to be receiving adequate management for these comorbidities are finding it difficult to have control and this is why they’re coming prey for Covid-19 infection and deaths.”

Also speaking at the media conference was former Senator and Economist Taharqa Obika who called on the Government to account to the people how the $5billion in COVID-19 relief was spent.