Some of the foodstuff given to Albina Rosales after an appeal for help was made via a report carried by Guardian Media.

One week ago Albina Rosales told Guardian Media that telling her story in the press was her last resort. Today, she is thankful she did as her call for help was heard by hundreds of citizens and benefited her family tremendously.

“It’s something I didn’t expect because you tell yourself you ask for 10 and we got a thousandfold,” she continued.

When we first spoke with her, Rosales was not sure where her family’s next meal would come from. She and her partner were retrenched from their jobs due to COVID-19 at the end of March and were facing eviction from their home of 11 years—a home with no furniture and a dilapidated structure.

But since she told her story last Tuesday, generous citizens reached out to her and her family and donated food.

The floor of her living room was almost impassible as cardboard boxes filled with basic food items, including rice, flour and oil, took up space.

“From the moment it aired I have gotten non-stop phone calls,” Rosales said.

She even shared some of the food supplies she received. She said a number of families who were afraid to highlight their stories reached out to her for help and she was happy to assist.

She played a voice note from one of the persons to whom she gave food, which said, “Once again I say thank you on behalf of me and my kids.”

“A woman called my phone and asked me if I wouldn’t mind sharing and I told her consider it done,” she said.

Rosales said if she can have some bread today so can someone else.

The mother of five said since the story aired and they started receiving food supplies their mood changed significantly.

She said her children are happier but she will not let them forget the difficult times and the power of prayer.

“We held hands and thanked God for everything,” she said.

However, Rosales is not becoming complacent, she said she is currently looking for a job and even though she has been turned away by many companies recently she will continue looking.

“They keep telling me that they are not hiring right now,” she said.

But with food to last them for months the family is still facing eviction. However, they are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel as someone from the Housing Development Corporation visited them on Tuesday.

Rosales thanked everyone who donated and turned their living situation around for the better and she wanted to encourage those facing a similar situation like what she faced a week ago to keep the faith.

“I know how it is to have children and have nothing…it’s sad,” she said.

“My walk is not your walk, we all walk different roads in life,” she continued.