Dhamacharia Pundit Dr Rampersad Parasram Rampersad leads the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha’s day of prayer for the country to covercome the COVID-19 crisis.

Over 50 pundits yesterday joined forces in a virtual day of prayer to help citizens affected by the COVID-19 pandemic overcome their pain, grief and anxiety.

The day of prayer was broadcast yesterday on Radio Jaagriti 102.7 FM and TV Jaagriti by the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS).

Addressing devotees who listened and watched from the television sets, Dhamacharia Pundit Dr Rampersad Parasram Rampersad urged them, “at this time we need to use our collective strength and wisdom in order to deal with this major challenge which is before all of us and which has brought many of us pain and anxiety and grief.”

Rampersad appealed to the nation to turn to prayers to overcome this global pandemic.

Devotees were told that the SDMS initiated the day of prayer through the pundits’ Parishad, as many had suffered at the hands of the disease and thrown into distress.

Over 50 pundits joined the virtual prayer session, as they collectively recited mantras to help citizens improve their well being and remove the unhappiness that has pervaded the nation.

Puja was also performed during the devotions.

Next Sunday (May 23) Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley will host a national day of prayer for the nation which will be televised live.

The announcement came after the country’s highest daily COVID-19 death toll, with 21 deaths, was announced last Thursday.