Ministry of Health Epidemiology Technical Director Dr Avery Hinds.

The Health Ministry has traced a total of 715 people who were in contact with COVID cases (patients) and those people were spoken to and their symptoms were monitored.

Health Ministry technical director Dr Avery Hinds (Epidemiology) revealed this at Monday’s COVID-19 update.

He displayed several graphs as well as maps dated April 19 showing the latest cluster of COVID cases as well as lines and colours indicating how contacts were made across the country with COVID patients and the extent of contacts.

Hinds said COVID statistics (as of Monday morning) indicated 1, 357 tests were submitted to be done and 114 were positive cases.

Eight deaths were recorded and 22 people were discharged to go home.

He said of the 59 still hospitalized, 10 are at Caura and 49 at Couva hospitals. None are in the Intensive Care Unit or are on ventilators. Only one patient is in the High Dependency Unit

Displaying graphs, Hinds said aside from the patients who were passengers from the Caribbean cruise ship – which yielded the largest number among COVID figures – statistics show a small number of cases daily. The number is fewer than 10.

“This shows the sporadic nature of the epidemic,” Hinds added.

Hinds said there was foreign importation of the virus, with aggressive contact tracing and quarantining plus social distancing which managed to slow the potential spread of illness.