Residents in some low lying areas in Penal and Barrackpore woke up to floods seeping into their homes this morning. Among them was housewife Rohanie Jaggernath, 49, and her son who are hoping the water will run off soon.

Jaggernath said at around 1 am she heard her dog barking.
” just watch through the window and I saw it because the back was already flooded. I get up and we started to move what we had to move a little higher, like the clothes the mattress we sleep on. The fridge is already on a height,” she said. Jaggernath believes the flooding was caused by improper drainage.
“Everybody just back full and it have nowhere for the water to run.”
She said she couldn’t cook and had to buy something to eat.

The overnight flooding was caused by torrential rainfall yesterday and on Wednesday night. The road leading to the mass vaccination site at Powergen in Penal was flooded and as a result, the SWRHA was forced to close the venue and postpone the vaccination drive at that location.

However, several people who were unaware of this development still turned up at the Powergen site.
Denise Ramlal, of San Francique. who was there with her husband to get vaccinated said: “We were not expecting that they would be closed today because we saw in the news that they said that you could come out today and get it done. We decided to come but we met no one here so we would be back tomorrow.

Reporter: Sascha Wilson