President General of the Oilfield Workers Trade Union Ancel Roget and union members offered prayers for the trapped divers and their families at the car park of the refinery in Pointe-a-Pierre, yesterday.

Oilfield Workers Trade Union (OWTU) president Ancel Roget is claiming that Paria’s priority is covering up the incident involving five underwater divers who were sucked into a pipe in the Gulf of Paria on Friday. He said that had become the main focus instead of rescuing the divers.

Four of the five divers remained trapped up to late yesterday. The diver who was rescued remained hospitalised.

In a live stream from the company’s main administration building in Pointe-a-Pierre, Roget said the company has refused to allow the union to give expert advice to ensure the divers are found.

“From yesterday to today, over some 30 hours, there continue to be a number of bunglings while every precious minute counts. While every precious minute that goes by the chances of rescuing those workers become slimmer and slimmer, those persons in Paria today are now more concerned with covering up information and covering their tracks rather than ensuring that correct expertise is in place.”

“How heartless can these people get?” he asked, adding that the traumatised families need to be informed about exactly what is happening.

Roget said no effort should be spared by the management to ensure they employ the level of expertise to rescue those workers.

Claiming that there was no emergency response apparatus when the incident occurred, he said, “We demand transparency, we demand openness, we demand to know exactly what is happening with the operations so that we could be assured and to convey that to the family,” he added.