The Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) Trinidad and Tobago Country Office has donated PPE equipment and supplies to the Ministry of Health. The equipment donated were: 5 oxygen concentrators, 2 portable handheld pulse oximeters, 2 fingertip pulse oximeters, 7,520 gowns, 7,500 surgical masks, 900 face shields, 300 masks.

Oxygen concentrators are medical devices used in response to low levels of oxygen in the blood due to respiratory problems, while oximeters are non-invasive devices that measure your oxygen saturation level or the oxygen levels in your blood.

In a press release issued today, PAHO stated that these devices will play a critical part in the treatment of persons who have contracted COVID-19. They provide both a sustainable and cost-effective source of medical oxygen in health facilities, including the High Dependency Unit in Trinidad and Tobago Parallel System.