Mas museum “Once upon a Fete” by Bruce Cayonne

“Once upon a Fete,” is an art exhibition with a difference.

It’s one that depicts carnival of yesteryear through signs which were used as the main tool for promotion of fetes and events.

Sign artist Bruce Cayonne, who has over 30 years in sign creation, held an interesting display of his work, which detailed the history of Carnival and who citizens were during the season.

“These posters are to bring back some memories of the 90s when they had these large fete events before all-inclusive. This is an exhibition where people can come in and then feel that carnival vibes that they are really looking for now and, especially that it is Carnival Tuesday, you can come in here and just look at the posters and even get some memories, probably good or bad,” Cayonne said.

Cayonne was instrumental in the promotion of mega-events in the late 90s from Brass festival to WASA fete.

He said for people coming to the exhibition, the biggest thing they will be getting out of it.

“Is to see the person behind it because some people actually grow up in it and grow up seeing it and never knew it had one person behind it.”

He said this reflection of what the sign business now shows how far the country and Carnival have come. But he lamented that the business has diminished.

“Well 95 per cent of my business for signs is dead. It started off with the many FM radio bands that came onstream and then it went into the digital advertising, which is the digital banners and, of course, Facebook and social media came,” he stated.

Cayonne recreated most of the artwork that would have stood out at that time for the exhibition. He added there will be more to come.