The abandoned house on Braemar Road, Cocoyea, that erupted into flames near C3 Centre, San Fernando.

An abandoned house used as a drug den erupted in flames on Saturday night causing fear and panic amongst residents that the flames would spread to their homes. At least two families living at Baemar Road, Corinth Village, Ste Madeleine, evacuated their homes, but firefighters responded quickly and prevented the flames from damaging other houses.

One resident, however, had to seek medical attention at the San Fernando General Hospital after she began experiencing chest pains.

The 37-year-old woman who asked to remain anonymous recalled that just after 8 pm she was outside her home with a friend when she heard a loud explosion and fire at the abandoned house.

“I panic, them panic because I have five kids. I call the fire brigade and after that I started to get chest pains. I end up going to the hospital because I suffer with my heart. The fire was really big and I was frightened that it come across.”

Within a minute or two, she said the fire brigade responded and extinguished the blaze. She said her children, ranging between 18 and six years old, were traumatised and they all left in the friend’s car. The house had been abandoned for several years and it has no electricity. She did not know what caused the fire, but she said drug addicts were always in the house.

“They always piping there and smoking.”

She said several reports were made to the police and they would respond, but that did not deter the pipers from returning to the house. She said the house had been abandoned for several years and was in a dilapidated condition.

She said the property was also overgrown with bushes.

Investigations are continuing.