A parent of a student attending Poole RC Primary School protest outside the school, yesterday.

Parents of Poole RC Primary School students yesterday protested against the Ministry of Education’s failure to provide transportation for their children who were relocated to another school last year.

Armed with placards, the parents gathered around 11.30 am in front of the school as they complained about transportation woes and several other issues affecting the children who are presently housed at the St Therese RC School in Rio Claro. They were relocated there at the start of the September school term.

Acting president of the National Parent Teachers Association (NPTA) Clarence Mendoza said the ministry never provided transport for the children and parents are paying up to $100 in transport fees.

“Many times they have to keep their children home,” he said.

He said the parents were never given any official notice or reason why the school was closed down.

“The situation is that parents are asking why they cannot use the school (Poole RC). We want to know from the Ministry of Works why the school was closed.”

The parents complained that while URP workers were being allowed to work on the compound, the security is not allowing them to hold any PTA meetings at the school.

“They are asking the Minister of Education to give them answers when a prefab building will be erected to house the children or when they will get a new school.”

He said the 89 students are being housed under uncomfortable conditions at the St Therese school.

“The conditions are cramped, it’s humid. There are no fans and the ventilation is poor.” Mendoza said the teachers are also complaining about cramped conditions in the classrooms.

He said they also have no staff room. He is calling on the various ministries to address these issues in a reasonable time or face further protest.

Guardian Media reached out the to Education Ministry for a comment, but up to press time, none was forthcoming.