Thieves broke into the Parish Hall and office of the Parish Priest Father Ian Taylor on Sunday morning and stole several items, including the priest’s vehicle.

However, police officers were able to recover the stolen vehicle and hand it over to the Tunapuna Police Station hours after.

According to a police report, some time between 2 am and 3 am on Monday, thieves broke into the St Charles Roman Catholic Church in Tunapuna parish hall and priest’s office where they stole Father Taylor’s Honda vehicle, three road bikes, two speakers and the parish projector.

The vehicle was, however, recovered at about 11 am on Monday by officers of the Port of Spain Task Force.

The officers received information that an unknown vehicle was sighted along the Old St Joseph, Laventille. A team of officers, including PC Aguilera, PC Campbell, PC Garraway, PC Chaitu, and WPC Payne, responded and saw the grey vehicle along the roadway along Williams Street. They carried out some surveillance on the car, however, when no one arrived to claim it, the vehicle was eventually removed.

A trace was conducted and it was revealed to have been the subject of a robbery which took place in Tunapuna on Sunday.

The vehicle has since been handed over to officers at the Tunapuna police station.

Father Taylor, in a brief message to parishioners, extended thanks to all who communicated their concern and prayers concerning the break-in at the presbytery. He also confirmed the recovery of his vehicle by police, “As you know the parish vehicle was stolen and so too my three road bikes and parish equipment. By the grace of God and the help of GPS and the Police, the car was retrieved.”

Taylor also disclosed that he is praying for the breaking of that “criminal ring among the young men in the Tunapuna community.”

The priest also assured that he is in good spirits and is sleeping well since the break-in and larceny.