The Police Service Commission is encouraging the public to participate in its annual public trust, confidence and satisfaction survey of the Police Service which takes place from tomorrow to November.

The commission said the survey will collect information on a wide range of critical issues related to public perception of the Police Service.

These include citizens’ satisfaction with policing services, trust and confidence in the police, police legitimacy, and fear of crime.

The commission said to ensure the widest possible awareness of and access to the survey, it is collaborating with government ministries and agencies as well as private sector organisations to make the survey available on as many websites and social media sites as possible.

An additional feature of the commission’s promotions thrust is the use of quick response (QR) codes which will enable quick and easy access to the survey by anyone with a smartphone.

The commission noted that all responses to the survey are confidential.

The survey consists of 25 questions, takes approximately five minutes to complete, and is available at the following link: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=DQSIkWdsW0yxEjajBLZtrQAAAAAAAAAAAAO__TLMB0xUOFRZVzdPV1pIMlpNR1ZKTlcwV1QyWjI1Ri4u.

The commission said it will also be conducting the annual Employee Satisfaction Survey for members of the TTPS.

This survey looks at issues such as job satisfaction, leadership, communication and overall performance of the organization.

All police officers, civilians, public officers, and contract and short-term employees of the Police Service can participate in this survey.

It started over a three-week period from yesterday to October 30.

The commission said these surveys are important tools used by the PSC to fulfil its mandate of monitoring the efficiency and effectiveness of the Commissioner of Police and Deputy Commissioners of Police in the discharge of their functions.

The results from the surveys form part of the annual performance appraisal of the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioners of Police.

The findings of these surveys also provide the commission with insights into what needs to be done to improve the services provided by the Police Service.

They identify the areas in the Police Service that are working well, and those areas which require improvement in ensuring the safety and security of the people of T&T.