Ravi and Indra Jaimungal, parents of Kavish, who was with his cousin Krystal Laloon when the gate fell on the children, viewed the body during the funeral service for Krystal at Sangre Chiquito on Saturday.

Krystal Laloon has been described as a God-fearing, intelligent, respectable and loving child. She was very fluent in the English language, believed in Jesus Christ and loved to pray said her aunt Rekah Balchan who did the eulogy at the child’s funeral service in Sangre Chiquito on Saturday.

Krystal’s parents, Ronnie and Rebecca Laloon, are both hearing and speech impaired, and she learned sign language when she was just two years old to communicate with them.

Balchan said “When we visited Krystal she was always warm and friendly and would spend most of her time with us carrying on a conversation that was beyond her age.

“Krystal was her grandfather’s eyeball and when it was time to sleep, she will forget everything and get to bed with her Nana as she called him.

“She was a spoiled child and anything she asked for her Nana ensured that she got it.

“Krystal loved to pray, not only for her family but all the people she knew.”

She said her niece was loved by her neighbours and gained their respect “as every morning she would go on the step and tell her neighbours ‘Good morning. I love you! I love you!’ She will surely be missed by all.”

Balchan said Krystal loved doubles which her grandparents sold daily at the front of their Sangre Chiquito home.

Pastor Lutchman Mahase of the New Testament of God church, Manzanilla, said from what he was hearing at the few nights of wake he was certain that Krystal was a child of God and had done much service in her five years on earth.

“She was sent by God to teach people about love for each other and she has knitted the lives of all her relatives by speaking about love and praying for all those names that came to her in her time of prayers,” he said.

“This was remarkable for a five-year-old and we should not be too worried about her passing as God had sent her for five years on Earth to do his work.”

He said he was certain that Krystal was in heaven looking down on them.

Mahase emphasised that as human beings we will ask questions, but we must also remember that God had a plan for all of us.

He said he was shown a video when she was telling the story of Jesus’ resurrection. “A child of this age…it is marvellous,” he added.

Mahase believed that Krystal was an angel sent by God to share the meaning of love with others.

“Being just five years old it sends a message to all as there are people who are yet to understand the meaning of the word love,” the pastor said.

“Probably because of her love for people she went to the gate to greet the person who came to her grandmother’s house on Sunday when tragedy struck.”

Krystal died after an iron gate at her Sangre Chiquito home ran off its rail and fell, pinning her and her cousin Kavish Jaimungal, five, on February 6.

They were both rushed to the Sangre Grande Hospital. Krystal underwent emergency surgery and was placed in ICU, but succumbed to her injuries on February 7. She was supposed to begin school at Sangre Grande Hindu Primary on that day.

Kavish was transferred to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex where he remained warded in critical but stable condition. The child suffered multiple facial fractures, a broken nose laceration on the head, cuts and bruises.

He was discharged on Monday. He sent a ‘thank you’ note to the doctors and nurses who took good care of him at the hospital.

Kavish’s father said his family and friends prayed day and night asking God to heal his child. They gave thanks to God for keeping their son alive. He also extended thanks to those who offered prayers for the child’s recovery.

Kavish did not attend his cousin’s funeral but his parents did. They wept throughout the service and Pastor Mahase prayed with them.

The Jaimungals said that Kavish was asking for Krystal, but they were advised by doctors not to give him any information about her yet.

After the service, Krystal’s body was taken to Belgroves Funeral Home in Tacarigua for cremation.