Apostle Dr Victor Gill

A group that claims to represent the voices of “thousands of Christians” is calling on the Prime Minister to not only withdraw his public service vaccination policy but to also desist from encouraging people to become vaccinated.

TT Response said during the Prime Minister’s last press conference on January 15, he stated that the religious bodies are in support of his vaccination drive.

“But I have a document here that contradicts that statement,” said Apostle Dr Victor Gill, who added: “Because the Evangelical Council of Trinidad and Tobago made it clear that they are not in support of mandatory vaccinations and the so-called safe zones.”

In fact, the group made up of Pastors used very strong language to describe how they feel about the policy, which they called a declaration of war on the working class.

“This latest proposed action is evil, it is wicked, satanic, devilish, harsh and oppressive,” said Pastor Lennox Grant.

Grant said while the Prime Minister may feel as if he’s doing the right thing to save lives, his public service policy will only create poverty and hardship for those who refuse to take what he is calling the “killer injections.”

“The Prime Minister is indirectly threatening to throw public servants and their families out in the streets where they are to become a new class of vagrants,” he said.

TT Response says it is not anti-vaccination but in the same press conference described it as poison that does not work.

“When the vaccination drive began, we had just over 7 thousand COVID-19 cases, from that time to now with mass vaccination in less than one year we jumped from 7 thousand to 102,942 cases, this tells us two things, it is either the vaccine is not working or the vaccine is the problem and we need to stop mass vaccination now,” said Gill.

The group used Kenya as an example of a country with a low vaccination rate that is also seeing less deaths than this country.

However, when they were told by a member of the media that statistics in Trinidad and Tobago show that the unvaccinated population make up the majority of COVID-19 deaths, the group said that was an anomaly.

“Trinidad seems to be the only country where the predominance of death seems to be in the unvaccinated and not the vaccinated, in most other nations the predominance of deaths is with the vaccinated.”

However, according to research done by the Kaiser Family Foundation in the United States of America, it showed that in November 33,000 people died from COVID-19, 29,100 were unvaccinated.