A 28-year-old woman was shot while liming at a restaurant and bar in San Fernando after another patron’s firearm accidentally discharged.

The shooting took place shortly before 4 am while Crystal Ramesar, a real estate agent, was at Rising Star Restaurant and Bar at Hilda Lazzari Terrace.

Police said the gun owner, a 36-year-old contractor who has a Firearm Users Licence, was sitting on a bar stool when he stood up to adjust his clothing and heard a loud explosion. The gun had accidentally discharged, and the bullet struck Ramesar on her left upper thigh. She had been seated in the dining area, some 15 to 20 feet behind the contractor.

Ramesar was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital where she is still undergoing treatment.

When the police arrived on the scene they seized the contractor’s Smith and Wesson 9mm pistol and recovered one spent shell casing.

Visiting the scene were a party of officers from the Southern Division including Ag Cpl Griffith, PC Goulcharan and WPC Charles.

Ag Cpl Griffith is continuing enquiries.