A police officer from Traffic Branch, Sherdonne Gordon, speak to a group of pedestrians about wearing their face masks in Public on Independence Square, Port-of-Spain on Tuesday.


If you are one of the 390 people who have been charged with breaching the Public Health Ordinance by not wearing a mask in a public place, you won’t be able to pay the $1,000 fine until after October 16, acting Assistant Commissioner of Police, Wendell Williams has said.

Speaking on CNC3’s the Morning Brew yesterday, Williams said the Judiciary has issued a notice that it will not accept payments for the ticketable offence until October 16.

Williams said up until Thursday morning, 390 people were charged for the offence.

He said while police officers are enforcing the law, they are also giving out masks to those who are without.

“In my mind I think people are conforming. I think sometimes it takes a while to conform – of course we would have a stubborn few so that’s where we would make sure they get the message,” Williams said.

He said with the Judiciary’s announcement, those who have already been ticketed will not be held liable for missing the 14-day window in which the fine is supposed to be paid.

“As it stands now the Judiciary has issued some practice procedures which states that no fine can be paid until October 16 so even though people have been ticketed, the judiciary is not quite in a position to be able to receive the payments- that will be sorted out as we go along,” Williams said.

For those who wish to contest their tickets, Williams said the court has a designated day of the week for those applications to be made.

“I know there is a measure by the Judiciary for the Thursday before the hearing supposed to come up on a Tuesday that persons who are ticketed and wish to contest the ticket that they contact the court at a particular number they will be given and they will be advised of the procedure, that has a lot to do with the virtual court.”