FLASHBACK - Kevon Neptune speaking at his commendation ceremony hosted by the Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith, on May 20th, 2020. (Image courtesy TTPS)

The Police Complaints Authority (PCA) has launched an investigation of the alleged abuse of a man who attempted to make a report at the Gran Couva Police Station. The man alleges he was a victim of police brutality.

The victim took to social media where he posted and identified himself as Kevon Neptune, a man who received a commendation from Police Commissioner Gary Griffith in May 2020, for saving the life of a police officer.

The video that accompanied the social media post showed a police officer, not wearing a mask while in the station, directing him to go to the Brasso Police Station instead.

The man who did the video, and who identified himself as Kevon Neptune, showed that he was wearing his mask, and added that the officer refused to put on his mask when he asked him to, given the fact that the country currently is in the Covid-19 pandemic.

Neptune’s post read:

“Hi. I am Kevon Neptune, the guy that got the award from Gary Griffith for saving the police officer that lost his leg in the motorcycle accident about two weeks ago.  Some police officers beat me, advantaged, and lock me up.  Then bang my head into a wall, put me in a cell, then sprayed me with a fire extinguisher before they brought a hose and soaked me for about five minutes in the cell.  All because I asked the police officer to put on his mask while making a report at the Gran Couva Police Station. This is how it all started.”

The one minute 16-second video was made available for the viewing public.

PCA director David West said he was in receipt of the video and the social media post and confirmed that an investigation will be launched.

On May 20th, 2020, Neptune was commended by the Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, for rescuing an injured police officer, which resulted in his life being saved.

A special commendation ceremony was held at the Police Administration Building, Port of Spain, where Commissioner Griffith recognised and thanked Neptune, a 31-year-old driver of Couva.

According to official police reports, on March 26th, 2020, Neptune had stopped to assist an injured Police Constable Shane Smith, who had been injured when his motorcycle skidded on some gravel as he and a fellow officer approached the Samaroo Roundabout in El Socorro.  PC Smith was propelled into the air after losing control of his bike, which hit a lamppost.  He landed on a damaged railing, which resulted in the immediate amputation of his left leg.

Neptune, who had observed the officers as he drove alongside them on the highway, saw what took place and immediately went to render assistance.  He placed PC Smith in his vehicle and was escorted by police as he drove him to the Mount Hope Medical Sciences Complex. Although PC Smith was immediately attended to and taken to the operating theatre upon arrival, Neptune stayed by his side until he was wheeled into the theatre.

Commissioner Griffith had presented Neptune with a letter of commendation and a plaque for his bravery on May 20th, 2021.