PDP assemblymen Farley Augustine, Watson Duke and Dr. Faith B. Yisrael arrive for power-sharing talks with the PNM at the Assembly Legislature Building, Scarborough on Wednesday

Just before the scheduled 4 pm shart of a meeting to discuss sharing Tobago’s legislative and administrative functions, six People’s National Movement(PNM) and three Progressive Democratic Patriots(PDP) arrived at the Assembly Legislature Building, Scarborough.

On seeing the six PNM assemblymen who were elected in the January 25, 2021 elections, PDP’s leader Watson Duke said it is “unfair” as the PDP was asked to bring “two or three assemblymen.”

“I did speak to Tracy (Davidson-Celestine) yesterday and she suggested about two to three persons and based on what I am seeing already a number of persons are going into the room. Obviously, we are quite clear negotiations are based on trust, and if when we get inside the room and there are three persons we will ask them to leave.”

Asked what he expected from the meeting, he said:” We are putting Tobago Self-Government Bill first and because of that we are willing to stoop so we can conquer that, but we are not going to tolerate shady arrangements.”

Questioned further on whether the PDP is willing to give up its request to hold the post of Finance Secretary, Duke replied:” Let’s wait and see.”

Since January 28, 2021, the new THA 2021-2025 term was due to begin. However, the 12 elected Assemblymen could not agree on a presiding officer to begin the process.

Reporter: Camille McEachnie