A screen grab of PDP deputy leader Farley Augustine during his address to supporters at a meeting in the Bethesda/Les Coteaux constituency on Saturday.

Deputy leader of the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP), Farley Augustine, yesterday slammed the People’s National Movement for campaigning with food cards and promises of jobs.

Augustine slammed the PNM during a meeting in Plymouth/Black Rock, saying instead of dealing with the real “bread and butter” issues, the PNM was once again doling out short-term solutions.

“We understand what is to take little and live long,” Augustine said.

He said the PNM was coming every night offering Tobagonians “craziness.”

“Be patient with them,” he said.

Augustine said the PNM was critical of his middle name, Chavez, but any Google check would show that it meant “keys” because he and the PDP had the keys to reopen Tobago.

He promised a scale of development that Tobagonians have never seen before.

“Actual development for the people of Tobago,” Augustine said.

“I warned you two or three nights ago, don’t get distracted by their distractions. Clearly, their platform is coming up empty,” he said.

He said instead of dealing with the issues, the PNM was focused on him.

“What are their plans for the contracted employees? How is it you only now want to give land to farmers?” Augustine asked, referring to promises of farming lots made by PNM Tobago Council leader Tracy Davidson-Celestine

“What are your real plans for housing and land distribution when in 21 years you could not distribute more than 11 homes on average per year?” he asked.

The PNM has also promised to deliver some 2,000 homes but Augustine said that their “track record speaks for itself.”

“You cannot afford to be distracted by the nonsense. You cannot afford to be taken away with things that are of no use and little import to you. This election is about bread and butter issues, this election is about a group of people who only know it’s time to bring a food card for you when it’s election time,” he said.

Adding the PNM was “busy up and down,” he said, “People who are not in the THA have food cards in their back pocket to give away.”

He said while the PNM was giving away incentives, Tobagonians were still without jobs.

“But all of a sudden they trying to bring people together to form work gangs to give them work. All of a sudden,” he said.

Augustine said in the 2020 election, the Government opened a work programme that only lasted two weeks before everyone was sent back home.

“And they had to beg for their money for Christmas. They two weeks of money. That’s how they operate,” he said.

He said when the PNM took office they sent home Tobagonians they believed supported other parties.

“They send home all of them. These are the same group of people who shut down the reforestation programme,” Augustine said.

He warned voters that if they are not careful, they will fall for the same tricks from the PNM.

“I already told you in the last election, who is the tricky leader. Be wise and don’t be fooled,” he said.