Farley Augustine

The Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) is getting ready to contest the 2021 THA Elections.

The party announced that their nomination process has been completed and a screening session is expected to be held soon. Although the date for the elections has not yet been announced, Deputy Political Leader Farley Augustine said his party has embarked on choosing the best people to effectively represent Tobago.

Speaking at a press conference on Thursday, Augustine said, the PDP engaged in a very rigorous process through their party action groups, which included background checks on the potential candidates.

“We want to ensure that when we come before you with our team of candidates, we are bringing the best. We are bringing people who are knowledgeable about the Tobago House of Assembly and how it works. We are bringing people with integrity and as such they are PDP fit. We are bringing people who have a habit of engendering community cohesion and who are involved in their communities.

“We are bringing people who lead lifestyles, where they have learnt through their involvement with NGOs and CBOs and Religious Organisations or Business Associations, how to manage and how to manage people” he said.

The Tobago House of Assembly Elections is mere months away and both political parties on the island have started the process of looking for candidates to face the polls, in the 12 electoral districts on the island. Augustine said, the PDP would be bringing a highly-qualified team of professionals to transform Tobago.

“I want to be the Chief Secretary with an Executive Council that works. I do not want to lead a team that can win an election, but cannot govern. We want to win this election and to transform this island and in order for us to transform this island, it requires that we take the risk of giving someone else a chance” he said.

Meanwhile, Political Leader Watson Duke has yet again endorsed Augustine as Chief Secretary, if the PDP is successful at the 2021 THA Elections.

Duke said the party was well poised to win against the incumbent People’s National Movement (PNM). He said, putting Augustine in the forefront, is a strategic move.

“Going forward with the Tobago House of Assembly Elections, as Political Leader, I have given the right of way, I have given my blessings to Assemblyman and Deputy Political Leader Farley Chavez Augustine to lead in this THA battle, while I am the Political Leader, my position will be in the back.

“We recognise sometimes you lead from the front, sometimes you lead from the back, because the face of the front must take on certain responsibilities,” Duke said.

Duke added that he would be focusing on the issues currently facing public officers and members of the PSA…He also debunked any rumours that there was a rift between himself and Augustine.