This Podai Lagoon farmer tries to pump water out of the fields following heavy rainfall, in a bid to save crops. (Image by RISHI RAGOONATH)

Over 25 Penal farmers are now counting their losses after floods, owing to the heavy rainfall, left their crops under water.

Farmers have been trying to pump out as much water as they could since this morning, as they try to save their crops spanning across 60 acres at Podai Lagoon.

Farmer Glenford Ramnarine said the fields usually are flooded whenever there is heavy rain fall.

He explained, “Due to one the main cause is where I reported last year… based on the same flooding problem the farmers get… There was a water pump at the flood gate in Goodman Road and there is nothing there at present.  If we could get back a water pump there, it will help to pull out the water at the Podai Lagoon at a faster pace and that could help alleviate all this water problem they’re having here.”

He noted that at least 12 farmers were using pumps and to suck out as much water as possible, in an attempt to save their crops.

Ramnarine told Guardian Media the farmers grow a wide variety of crops including watermelons, baigan (eggplant), pumpkins, ochroes and tomatoes.

However, he noted that if rain continues to fall, the majority of their crops will die. 

Ramnarine added that last year when their crops were destroyed in the floods, Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat gave compensation to the farmers, but some of them did not receive any money.