A woman looks toward a new security door installed at her home in Tulsa Trace yesterday.

Shastri Boodan

Residents of Tulsa Trace, San Francique Road, Penal spent a greater part of yesterday’s holiday either worrying or securing their premises because of rising crime in their community.

Tasha Persad- Ramesh, 35, said residents are now living in fear following a series of attempted break-ins and home invasions by a criminal gang plaguing the area.

Persad-Ramesh, coordinator of a residential security group in the area, said even though her home was not as yet attacked she had no choice but to remove the doors around her house and install steel doors to keep bandits out.

Persad-Ramesh said reports were made to police but that they saw no increase in patrols.

She said crime escalated in the last six months and more so in the last month.

“Just recently a series of burglaries and break-ins have occurred and persons are now fearing for their lives. We really need more patrols in the area.”

She said six houses were broken into with the last month and that one family was so distressed that they left the community in order to assist one of the younger children who suffered from trauma.

Persad- Ramesh said some villagers have initiated a patrol and village watch.

An elderly man said four men tried to break into his house almost two weeks ago.

He said he and his wife are now sleeping on a shift system to ensure that no one enters the house.

“We are forced to sleep with one eye open, we cannot rest properly in this village. We go to bed fearing that a gang may come into hour house and beat us and kill us for what we have and what they perceive we might have. My wife goes to bed early and I wake up at 10 to stand watch until morning. Is this fair to anyone.”