The decomposed and mutilated body, which was found on Monday June 7th by a 64-year-old man who was looking for his missing friend, remains unidentified.

According to an official police report, after learning earlier in the day that his friend was missing, the 64-year-old man of Cameron Road, Petit Valley, was walking up Cameron Hill at about 12:45 pm on Monday, in search of his 51-year-old friend, Christopher Charles (also called “Drugs”, and who also lives at Cameron Hill, Petit Valley),

When he reached just before the area known as ‘the dump’, the man said he got a stench emanating from the southern side of the roadway. On making further checks, he discovered a black garbage bag approximately 20 feet off the roadway going down an incline, and the bag appeared to be tied with a white cord. There were several holes in the bag and what appeared to be a left hand severed from the wrist was protruding, along with the left leg, which was visible from the knee.

The scene was visited by Officers of the Homicide Bureau including Insp. Jones, Sgt Mohammed, Cpl Phillip. Crime Scene Officers WPC Massiah, WPC Marceline and WPC Charles photographed the scene. Also visiting the scene were Insp Reyes, Ag Insp Grant and Sgt Osouna of the Western Division.

The body was removed from the scene upon instructions by the District Medical Officer.

Guardian Media understands that 51-year-old Christopher Charles of Cameron Road, Petit Valley, was reported missing by his daughter Samantha Charles of the same address, at about 9:25 am on Monday, at the West End Police Station.  She had last seen him close to their home during the morning period last Thursday, June 3rd.

She could not say what he was last wearing, however he has a scar on his chest and a tattoo of a Taurus on the right shoulder.

No relatives of Charles showed up at the Forensic Science Centre to identify the body.

However, police officers have indicated that a COVID-19 test needs to be done on bodies currently at the centre, and only when the results are in, can any identification process can commence.

Anyone with information that can assist police in their investigations can contact the police at 555, 999, 800-TIPS or 482-GARY.