Petroleum Dealers Association president Robin Naraynsingh

President of the Petroleum Dealers’ Association Robin Naraynsingh is calling on the Government to provide vaccines for its workers as he said they too are essential workers.

“The gas station workers are also essential workers. I am sure that the Government would give them priority. We had reached out to our line minister, the Energy Minister, Stuart Young. He has not acknowledged our letter. I believe that he has got some vaccines for some of the energy sector, but he never reached out to us,” Naraynsingh said yesterday.

He said that there are about 150 gas stations in T&T.

“Each gas station employs at least six people. The country needs fuel, the police, the health sector. These are not frontline workers, but they are essential workers. Most gas station workers are poor and underprivileged working for the minimum wage. You cannot disenfranchise them from the function that they do for society. These workers do yeoman service for the country and yet others are given priority over them.”

This comes as other economic sectors will begin to vaccinate their employees.

Frontliners in the supermarket sector to get vaccinated from Tuesday

According to a media release from the Supermarket Association of T&T (SATT), it has established the first private-public partnership (PPP) in collaboration with the Ministry of Health to vaccinate frontliners in the supermarket sector.

This joint SATT-Ministry of Health initiative will also be extended for pharmacists in the private sector.

“This effort has been made possible by furthering talks with Ministry of Health who have made thousands of vaccines available towards the sector. They acknowledge that supermarket employees are at direct risk for transmission of the COVID-19 virus and deserve priority at this time. To this end, Ministry of Health has made available the Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine for administration for immediate inoculation of those employees desirous of receiving it.”

SATT said it has established a mass vaccination site at Centrum Auditorium at Centre Point Mall in Chaguanas and this location will be outfitted and operated by Ministry of Health supported by SATT staffers.

The ongoing vaccination exercise will begin on Tuesday for a limited period. A digital registration platform has been established by SATT “in accordance with screening criteria, which has been shared to its membership with overwhelming subscription feedback.”

TTMA vaccination for business community today

Meanwhile, the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA) stated that in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Trade and Industry it will be conducting a vaccine drive for the business community.

The media release said that the Ministry of Health has sanctioned the administration of vaccines to be supervised by President of the T&T Medical Association Dr Vishi Y Beharry.

The Ministry of Health will provide the AstraZeneca vaccine to be administered at Divali Nagar site today.

This vaccine drive will target first-dose vaccination appointments only.