FLASHBACK: Bonanza Drugs Director Sheriza pack the shelves with cleaning agents at the pharmacy in March after the country recorded its first case of COVID-19.


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As Thursday welcomes an earlier than initially projected start to Phase Two of the country resuming from pandemic restrictions, the Pharmacy Board of Trinidad and Tobago is hoping the current closing hour for pharmacies would be reviewed and an extension would be given.

President of the board, Andrew Rahaman, in a telephone interview, said he it would be prudent, the allowance to go a little later, but in any case, he was not expecting the now 8 pm closing time to be intact for very long again.

He added it was on this assumption that shortly the time would be revisited, that the board and its members were willing to forebear the reduction in opening hours.

Asked if the board had been receiving any complaints from its members about the Government instructed hours for business in the sector, Rahaman said to date, there were none.

“We were able from the commencement of the reopening to go longer than even supermarkets for an example. So it still gave people some time after securing their food requirements. They had an additional two hours to come to pharmacies,” said Rahaman.

Guardian Media also contacted several pharmacies to get their perspective on the closing hour and whether it affected business or not, and were told people had adjusted to the new closing time.

Rahaman said he was aware some pharmacies took the initiative during this time to open earlier than the usual 8 am, beginning service one to even two hours earlier.

He said, he could not say that pharmacies or citizens were greatly affected as people were aware of the change in hours through ongoing advertising and adjusted well, which was a good thing.

However, with that said, Rahaman reiterated and maintained, the board would welcome a review of the closing hour soon.

“We would appreciate a review in the near future to consider giving a little more time again,” said Rahaman.