Dwanye Ramsey uses the railing to assist him in walking down the stairs at the Ministry of Education on St Vincent Street, Port-of-Spain, yesterday.

Unable to pay the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) arrears of $1,500, physically challenged Dwayne Ramsey is pleading for financial help to avoid facing eviction.

Since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ramsey said he can barely survive on the monthly $2,000 disability grant he receives from the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services.

After he buys adult pampers, food, toiletries and pays his telephone Ramsey, 36, admitted his pockets run dry.

“I am at a frustrating point now. I am just losing hope. My money ain’t reaching where it’s supposed to reach. I know people might say I getting money from the Government and why I don’t make it do. But with costs going up every day things just getting harder and harder. I am having difficulty managing my budget.”

Ramsey’s father died four years ago, while his mother lives in the US.

His two siblings are in no position to help.

Born with a partially sunken skull, Ramsey struggles to walk due to his deformed legs.

“I really have no one to turn to. I’m in a dilemma. I need help.”

Up to 2019, Ramsey said the grant carried him through for the month.

“I used to make out good because things was not so expensive at that time. But when COVID come all that change.”

Due to the high cost of living, Ramsey said paying HDC their monthly $100 a month rent has been difficult.

“I know I have not paid HDC for over a year. How do I prioritise knowing the situation I am in? Should I stop using pampers or not eat? What area should I cut?”

Ramsey has been living at Charford Court, Port-of-Spain for 16 years.

Giving a breakdown of how he spends his grant, Ramsey said each month he buys 120 pampers for $588.

Ramsey has no control of his bladder and uses between four to five pampers a day.

“Sometimes when my pampers run out I would beg the nurses at the Port-of-Spain Hospital for a few. If they have they would give me. Other times they would tell me I getting money from the Government and they can’t be always be giving me pampers because it is for their patients.”

In 2007, Ramsey said someone broke into his apartment and stole his fridge and stove which he never replaced.

His only possessions are a bed, tv and couch.

“So most days I would have to buy food. I don’t spend more than $40 a day on my meals. Sometimes I would buy bread and eat it with something. If I get a little fridge and stove that can help.”

His monthly telephone bill is $200.

Recently, Ramsey received a letter from the HDC advising him he owed $1,500 arrears and if he did not settle the bill within 14 days action will be taken.

His biggest fear is being evicted from his home.

Ramsey also admitted he is often ill-treated and taken advantage of by people in the community.

“Is just one problem after the next.”

Anyone willing to help Ramsey can contact him at 685-9318.