President of the San Juan Business Association (SJBA), Vivek Charran.

The President of the San Juan Business Association (SJBA), Vivek Charran, is calling on the authorities to move quickly to end the current water shortage in the constituency of San Juan / Barataria.

His appeal comes on the heels of a similar one made this week by Member of Parliament for San Juan/Barataria, Saddam Hosein, who asked the Minister of Public Utilities to address the matter with some urgency.

In a statement issued today, Vivek Charran describes the water situation as critical.

“The Association can confirm that many of our members have been forced to purchase truck borne water, just to keep their shop doors open,” he explains in the release.  “This is an unnecessary and hurtful burden placed on the entrepreneurs of this country who are trying their utmost to ensure the nation’s economy remains alive.”

He added: “The Association can also confirm a number of businesses in the community have contacted the Water and Sewerage Authority on numerous separate occasions, seeking relief. These pleas have continuously fallen on deaf ears.”

The SJBA president says a major concern facing residents of San Juan / Barataria affected by the water shortage is that of sanitisation, especially because of the current COVID-19 pandemic, which demands that citizens constantly clean and sanitise themselves and their environment.

“How can we do this without water? The People of San Juan/Barataria don’t just want water. They need it,” he says.  “Eateries are now limited to “grab and go” or curbside options under the understandable health restrictions. And now they must try to operate without water,” he adds.

Mr Charran notes that food businesses have been hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, having been forced to trim their operations down to lean versions of themselves.

“The Association continues to urge the State to allow the businesses to earn as best as they can, given the trying times humanity faces,” he says.