Prime Ministr Dr Keith Rowley adddress supporters during the PM’s Campaign Meeting in Diego Martin last night.

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has accused the United National Congress (UNC) of buying votes for $300 as part of their attempt to ensure success in the August 10 general election.

He alleged that the source of these funds came from ill-gotten gains during their time in office. The PMmade the allegations during the People’s National Movement’s (PNM) first virtual political meeting last night at the Bagatelle Community Centre, Diego Martin.

Rowley boasted that no one in his government was running from the police, nor had anyone used their position to further their own interests during the past five years.

During the television and radio broadcast, he said, “Tonight I can stand on this platform and tell you without fear of contradiction there is nobody in my Government who is running from the police.”

The PM said his Government was about solving problems. Questioning what was their role, he added, “And then you will realise that their solution in this election is to spend as much as the money they thief to come into constituencies and pay you $300 for your vote.”

He reminded citizens that under T&T’s laws, it is an offence to pay somebody to vote.

Rowley added, “But secondly, your vote is worth more than $300. And anyone who is paying you to vote is insulting you and your intelligence, and your children’s future is at risk in the hand of any such person.”

Rowley said the one question citizens must ask themselves is, “Where is that money coming from? We know the answer already, but ask them the question. That is the money they thief that now coming out. Their friends who helped them thief it paying them to get back in office to continue to thief it.”

He urged the population to stay far away from UNC’s leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar and her kindergarten class.

Rowley said there were two options available to the Oilfield Workers and Trade Union in operating Petrotrin’s refinery —either to go with the Government’s proposal “and we try and get it done” or “wait for the UNC to come into office and start it back.” He claimed that the UNC has no intention of doing anything in the oil industry.

Persad-Bissessar has indicated that once she is voted back into office, she will reopen the refinery.

Rowley warned the country to look out for the three demons—indiscipline, incisiveness and inaction. He said this would destroy the country’s prospects of moving forward.

The PM said while he has been trying to protect the nation from the UNC’s irresponsibility, “Their major interest is to hide from the police. They want to get back into government to stop the numerous criminal operations at the police against them for their misconduct.”

Rowley said the PNM had maintained their silence “and left them to the police.”

Rowley said whenever their number is called “they must not be able to say that their difficult circumstance is as a result of any political persecution or prosecution. Let the wheels of justice turn. They turn slowly but they do turn.”

Highlighting his government’s achievements and the special efforts it had undertaken to keep this country afloat, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, Rowley detailed every move the PNM had undertaken since assuming office in 2015.