PM announces team for post-COVID-19 Road Map for T&T

DR KEITH ROWLEY, Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has announced the creation of new Cabinet-appointed team whose sole responsibility will be to draft “A road map for T&T post-COVID-19”.

Speaking today at the post-Cabinet media briefing, Dr Rowley shared the names of the members of the team, which comprises current and former ministers of finance, senior public servants, captains of industry, financial experts, bankers, academics and economists, as well as leaders in the trade union movement and civil society.

The team has been given till the end of April 2020 to compile a rough draft on the post-COVID-19 Road Map. By the end of May 2020, the team is expected to submit the complete Road Map.

The PM says the group is free to consult with any others who would want to contribute their services and expertise.

He says the opportunity exists, right now, to put this country on a good footing—an opportunity that didn’t exist before the global pandemic.

The post-COVID-19 Road Map team members are:

Chair: Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley

Vice Co-chairs: Minister Robert Le Hunte and Gerry Brooks


Allyson West

Wendell Mottley

Robert Bermudez

Karen Darbasie

Winston Dookeran

Christian Mouttet

Colin Soo Ping Chow

Shawn Roach

Ronnie Mohammed

Vincent Perreira

Vishnu Dhanpaul

Allison Lewis

Gregory McGuire

Karl Theodore

Selwyn Hazel

Christopher Henry

Michael Annisette

Allum Warner

Rondell Fields