Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley

Gail Alexander

The 13 households which will be affected in Phase Two of the East Piccadilly revitalisation project will be accommodated in units from Phase One, according to Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley.

Replying to Opposition questions on the issue in Parliament yesterday, Rowley said there should be no anxiety on the slum clearance project. He said the Piccadilly project being done by the Housing Development Corporation identified a portion for Phase One of the project and no resident will be displaced in that phase.

He said a rolling process will be used in relocation. Rowley also assured that East Port-of-Spain residents have “excellent PNM MPs”.

On another query, Rowley said the first phase of the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines would involve frontline workers including healthcare workers, people over age 60, those with diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and immuno-compromised diseases like lupus and cancer.

Rowley boasted that the Government’s “outstanding competence in” handling the COVID 19 issue would also apply to the vaccination programme.

He said the temporary Tobago correction facility for COVID-19 prisoners was closed since there were no more such COVID-19 cases.

He also reiterated the categories of those obtaining exemptions to return to T&T. Rowley said Government had focussed initially on those who were “caught accidentally” outside when T&T closed its border and is now dealing with others who want to come home.