West Shore Private Medical Hospital. (Image: ANISTO ALVES)

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley visited the Westshore Medical hospital today in what is being described as a “routine” check-up.

Sources close to the Prime Minister say he went to the hospital this morning, as part of his regular medical examinations. In January, Dr. Rowley was hospitalised at West Shore Medical Private Hospital in Cocorite after experiencing some discomfort. He eventually underwent an angiogram and angioplasty.

There is no information yet on whether the routine visit was related to January’s procedure.

However, someone at the hospital said Dr. Rowley was seen in accident and emergency. Dr. Rowley has since left the medical facility.

Dr. Rowley was scheduled to do an interview this morning, which was postponed, but sources say the two are unrelated.

Sources say the interview was postponed possibly to consider alternative arrangements for it to be done.