Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley.

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has issued a statement clarifying his comments on the Nelson Mandela Park development project, emphasizing that in no way was he casting aspersions on the Mayor.

On Monday, Dr Rowley said in his social media pages that he did not believe a particular aspect of the project was a good idea.

“Replacing the natural environment at Mandela Park with artificial turf is a salesman’s foolish idea that ought not to waste the time or the resources of the Port of Spain Corporation,” the PM wrote on Monday.

Today, the PM again took to social media to clarify what he meant when he spoke about a “salesman”.

“My reference to ‘salesman’ in my comment on the PoS Corporation misadventure in Mandela Park is in no way a reflection on the Mayor’s profession (something that didn’t occur to me) or professional conduct,” the PM stated today, Tuesday.

He stated: “I was referring specifically to the Corporation taking seriously and possibly being led astray by the supposedly unsolicited proposal from an Astroturf sales pitch from someone looking for a business opportunity gift-wrapped as a ‘good idea’ which should awaken and excite the Corporation.”