Vice-Chairman of the Road to Recovery Committee, Public Utilites Minister Robert Le Hunte


The ‘Road to Recovery Committee’ has held its first meeting Prime Minister Dr keith Rowley who is said to be impressed with its work thus far..

Vice-Chairman of the committee and Public Utilities Minister, Robert Le Hunte, told Guardian Media it is clear that the economy will not be “as healthy” whenever the pandemic subsides.

However, he said the Prime Minister was “impressed” by the 22-member committee’s work thus far.

From 3 pm yesterday Minister Le Hunte said he and several others were locked in an almost four-hour long meeting in which Dr Keith Rowley, who is chairman of the committee, was updated on their plans.

“I think the feedback that we got is that he was very impressive and he liked what he was hearing and the approaches that were being used”, Minister Le Hunte told Guardian Media during a telephone interview shortly after the meeting ended.

He noted that one area of concern for the Prime Minister continues to be “the whole issue of enhancing the execution capabilities of the public service.”

Minister Le Hunte said Dr Rowley was brought up to speed with some of the plans on how aggregate demand will be improved, ways to increase supply and employment creation. These he noted are some of the features which will make up the short-term report to be handed over on May 8, 2020.

Admitting that “it is a lot of work”, the Minister said the team, including the 16 sub-sectors, are working around the clock to submit the report at least two days before the deadline.

“We have put some deadlines for persons to send in their draft reports by Saturday and then we are looking to meet again as a group sometime early next week”, he said.

The committee will meet again on Monday.

Minister Le Hunte said Dr Rowley is going to Tobago soon but noted he may still be a part of that meeting.