Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and Tobago East MP and candidate Ayanna Webster-Roy during the tour of the Roxborough Hospital yesterday.

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley yesterday toured the newly built Roxborough Fire Station and the construction site of the Roxborough Hospital, saying he was “very satisfied” with the development thrust in the eastern part of Tobago.

Speaking to reporters during the tour, the prime minister said the village of Roxborough is being once again converted as the second town on the island.

He said that in years gone by, Roxborough was a thriving centre but due to funding issues the community fell on hard times.

He told reporters that he was pleased that his Government prioritized the projects as part of their national development programme.

“So now anywhere you stand in this location, you can see the new Roxborough. We have the new Administrative Centre (sic) in operation, built and operationalised, where all the public service agencies are located and servicing. We built a new police station which – I was here recently – which we opened that is now next door, and by the end of this year, this hospital is expected to be commissioned and ready for service,” he said.

The prime minister added that the Roxborough Fire Station was 96 per cent complete, while the Roxborough Hospital, which is expected to be a full-service hospital with modern equipment, should be completed by the end of 2020.

He said, although the loans are yet to be paid, he was pleased with the outcomes.

“Cause these facilities are not cheap. When we take a decision to do one of these things, it’s a major commitment, because the Government is really a custodian of public assets and this is a $100 million commitment to the people of eastern Tobago. It’s done very well. I was also very pleased to see the amount of local people who were involved in the construction,” he said.

Questioned on if he felt enough was done for Tobago East candidate Ayanna Webster-Roy to be retained in office, he said both representatives performed well.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with and moulding a number of young people in this Government and I am very pleased in the way they have turned out and the two Tobago MPs, Tobago East and Tobago West, they have distinguished themselves in taking responsibility and representing the people in their district and they have a lot to show for it,” he said.

Shamfa Cudjoe is the returning candidate for Tobago West.

Dr Rowley said, Roxborough is currently missing a few infrastructural elements, so focus will now be placed on the agricultural, fishing, tourism and cultural sectors.

No Money Offer

Meanwhile, in a Facebook post yesterday, Dr Rowley said he takes pride in the fact that he has never been offered money to switch allegiances.

“Since I have come out publicly as a PNM voice, in all the successes as well as trials and tribulations that came my way, even in my worst times, I pride myself that NO PERSON HAS EVER OFFERED ME MONEY, to change my allegiance. I pride myself in that,” the post said.

He added: “I believe it is because they know that such an offer will be viewed by me as an insult. They all know that I am not PNM only in fair weather. They know that I am PNM in a storm or hurricane!

That is why I can point to so many years of Government and Opposition in my CV, in service to THE PEOPLE of Trinidad and Tobago.

I’m PNM and PROUD and with good reasons so to be. That’s just the way it is and I will recommend it to all my brothers and sisters.”