Stuart Young, Minister of National Security

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley is maintaining that the relationship between T&T and Barbados continues to remain strong, insisting that there is no “fall out” between the two countries.

His comments came hours after Barbados Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Minister Jerome Walcott said he was “deeply disturbed” by comments made by National Security Minister Stuart Young over the return of 33 Trinidadian nationals.

Walcott in a release issued on Friday said it was “regrettable” that Young has made a public statement referring to countries which had not respected the fact that T&T had closed it borders in reference to the Trinidadian nationals’ return home earlier this week after they were left stranded in Barbados.

He said this gave the wrong impression on the matter.

“Minister Young inferred that the Government of Barbados was one of such countries,” Walcott said in the release.

Questioned at Saturday’s press conference if there was a disagreement between the two regional countries, Rowley made it clear that “there is no fall out between the Minister of National Security and Barbados. Let me start with that.”

The PM said the relationship between T&T and Barbados “is good as it has ever been. And Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados remain very close (like) brothers and sisters.”

Rowley pointed out that “if there is a difference of opinion on a matter that is not a fallout. I know where that token is coming from. As far as we are concerned we have no problem with Barbados. And for those who think that is a problem in Trinidad and Tobago I could tell you …you are mistaken.”

Reporter: Shaliza Hassanali