One Alexandra Place


Prime Minister Dr Kweith Rowley yesterday accused the former People’s Partnership administration of renting an empty One Alexandra building for five years whose main occupants were not tenants but spiders, lizards and mosquitoes.

The angry response came from Rowley during the Prime Minister’s Questions in the House of Representatives after Naparima MP Rodney Charles asked the PM why the Government did not take some money from the $20 million the Government pays annually in rent for “One Alexandra” and other properties and put it towards the Ben Lamond Early Childhood Centre which is 99 per cent complete and overgrown with grass.

It was reported that the family of Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi takes in $20 million a year in rent from the State for four properties.

Charles told Rowley that his Government had their priorities all wrong.

Rowley said when his Government assumed office they met no school that was 99 per cent completed, stating that Charles was peddling fabricated information..

“If the five years of paying that you and your friends paid at One Alexandra…five years you paid rent there without using the building for one hour,” Rowley shot back.

Rowley told Charles if the People’s Partnership had used taxpayers’ money wisely he would not be talking about the Ben Lamond School today.

“Unlike what we have done…any place we have rented we proceed to use. Your government…five years rented One Alexandra place and mosquito, spider and lizard were the only occupants of that building for five years.”

The PM said Charles had to gall to come in the House to talk about One Alexandra and this Government.

” When we by contract used One Alexandra we rented it and we are using it.”