Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley on the set of The Morning Brew show with Natalee Legore, today, Tuesday 1 December 2020. (Image: NICOLE DRAYTON)

Venezuelan migrants cannot have more rights here than T&T nationals, Dr Keith Rowley has said.

“Get a boatload of Trinidad and Tobago people now and decide which country you want to send them to and send them. Just try that. We could be beating up on ourselves here and talking about the country is disgraced because we sent certain people back home, but we experience that all the time,” Rowley said.

Rowley said he went to a function hosted by the late Wayne Chance, the founder of Vision on a Mission, and saw “two big men” cry because of how they were deported back to T&T without knowing where they were going.

“So, don’t get too carried away by the conversation of interested people. Everybody has an agenda in this immigration matter,” Rowley said.

“Our border is closed,” he reiterated.  “I have a daughter in New York since January, and she cannot come home.  Born and bred in Woodbrook, has to get permission to come into this country, and an illegal immigrant jump in a boat, get on the beach on Los Iros and a lawyer is telling me that person has more right than a child in Laventille who cannot move from here. Come on let’s get serious,” Rowley said.

Rowley said the country is doing as best as it can to cope with the Venezuelan migrant crisis.

“What we are doing is how much we can do as a little country in a difficult situation,” Rowley said.