Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley speaks at a PNM meeting in Chaguanas on Monday night.

The People’s National Movement (PNM) needs the majority of votes and seats in Monday’s election and a lot of people “out there” who haven’t made up their minds as yet are running out of time, said Prime Minister Keith Rowley.

He indicated this at Monday’s Chaguanas East PNM Meetup.

He said the PNM didn’t expect to get all the votes, but needs the majority. He said those who haven’t made up their minds have to “Choose between us (in PNM) and them and we’re not the same. The PNM gives you choice and it’s the best choice.”

For one he said, no PNM candidate could say they could compromise the leadership with the police and that was enough for sensible people to vote PNM, he felt.

“Our candidates represent country, our commitment is legendary—not one of our candidates has made a deal with me for anything!”

Rowley added, “PNM Chaguanas East —I’m counting you in the Red column in 2020. Chaguanas is not a safe seat (for UNC) as the residents will vote wisely.”

He said this will be a rough week since a lot of things will happen between now and Monday as certain people are seeing the election as the solution to their issues – including running from the police or pressing to come to T&T. He also claimed some who want to get into Parliament are penetrating the borders and bringing people in illegally.

He said much work has been done with a system patrolling borders and T&T’s 300 landing spots, but people were still trying to enter.

Rowley said Government sent back 260 illegal Venezuelans last week. He said they were held at Chaguaramas and when a vessel was organised, they were sent home.

Rowley said while there’s no evidence against any legal Venezuelan migrant in T&T, people have been saying the COVID-19 problem is “a Venezuelan problem.”

He said people should remember the Bible’s teachings of God saying “…in as far as you do it to the least of them you do it unto me,” and shouldn’t play at being devotees of the Christian, Muslim or Hindu religions if they disregarded that.

He said Government dealt with the migrant problem humanely, allowing two weeks for people to register for T&T’s amnesty and those who did, have this country’s protection. But he said if people hadn’t registered and came in after the amnesty, illegally they ‘d be sent back.

PNM Chaguanas East candidate Clarence Rambharat also made it clear the PNM has no plans to revive the former unprofitable sugar industry—an apparent reply to the Opposition’s promise to restart the sugar industry.