Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley is greeted by Ghana dignitaries on his arrivgal at an official function yesterday

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley is hoping to establish a direct air link between Ghana and T&T.

Speaking yesterday at Jubilee House in Ghana during his official visit, Rowley addressed a room of government dignitaries and extended an invitation to Ghana-based businesses.

“I’m expecting this milestone that we mark will manifest itself further in the kinds of contacts that we are trying to build,” he said.

“We do have a clearer understanding of our cultural similarities and our desire to strengthen those bonds but, more importantly, in the economic side, there are opportunities for us to concretise these efforts that we have been making since 2010 to have Ghana benefit from and have T&T benefit from collaboration between our two countries.

“We are anxiously—through our state company the National Gas Company and its personnel— looking forward to taking part in the gas processing business.”

Rowley told the gathering he was proud of what our largest bank, Republic Bank, was able to accomplish by reaching out to Ghana because we see Ghana as a gateway.”

He boasted that the Caribbean had much to offer including recreation, which a direct air link will service.

“We hope and expect that Africans, coming out of Ghana, once we establish a mutual air services agreement and establish a direct air service between the Caribbean and Africa, we believe there is tremendous potential for economic growth and contacts to be made, investments to be made and for recreational purposes.

“We anxiously await your resuscitation and re-establishment of Ghana airways and as you get your new equipment we would like to anticipate that one of the legs of Ghana Airways would be to Port-of-Spain.”

He said there is great potential in the continued and mutual relationship between Ghana and T&T.

“We are also concerned about our food security. We are very dependent on the importation and consumption of northern hemisphere wheat products and we have lost our own production of ground provisions largely because we have lost the planting material.”

Rowley said a local agriculture expert, Dr John Alleyne, travelled with him to Ghana and will remain there after the government contingent leaves. Alleyne is taking advantage of an offer by the Ghanaian Government to learn about selected planting material to establish in T&T.

“So we have a lot to work on going forward,” Rowley said.

This is Rowley’s second trip to Ghana since taking office. This time he is the guest of honour as the nation celebrates its Independence Day today. He is expected to return to T&T over the weekend.