About nine PNM La Brea nominees are expected be heading for screening tomorrow but the party’s general secretary is remaining mum on the strong battle by some members to get ex-minister Robert Le Hunte as the candidate.

It will be La Brea’s third attempt after the screening team didn’t accept previous nominees, including Le Hunte who was recommended by the executive twice. The party’s leadership subsequently spoke to the constituency executive.

Constituency chairman Wayne Wood said earlier this week that the executive is now open to nominees. However, executive member David Bigford disagreed saying a vote by the executive on Wednesday night showed that Le Hunte got nine of the 14 executive votes cast—–––––more than three other people. Bigford said some executive members ae backing the nomination of Le Hunte “to the end.”

Guardian Media was told the constituency’s nominees today include Keith McDonald, Eldica Hospedales, Anton George, Adasha Edwards, Dr Paulette Joycelyn, Dr Germaine Bovell Pitt, Maurice Alexander, Anika Lawrence and Janeille Chichester. No recommendation has been made on anyone and it’s being left to the screening team.

General secretary Foster Cummings had no comment on the fight for Le Hunte, save that La Brea is being screened today. He said the team will decide tomorrow how Arima nominee Penny Beckles will be screened as she will have to be quarantined after she arrives Sunday.

Also being screened tomorrow are Naparima’s nominees and Mayaro’s sole nominee, former netballer Bridgette Adams. Initial nominees Antonio Ross and Bunny Mahabirsingh weren’t accepted before.

Also being screened are Arima nominees, incumbent MP Anthony Garcia who was recommended by the constituency executive and Dr Hillary Bernard.

Lopinot Bon Air West’s nominees will also be screened. It’s the area’s third try. Out of five nominees, Garvin Gonzales and Candice Solomon got party group support, officials said. Beckles’ name has been heard regarding this seat but she wasn’t nominated.

Toco/Sangre Grande is also on its third try. Nominees include councillor Terry Rondon, who was given the green light by his doctor to contest, Dr Rochelle Mohammed, Anderson Joe, who was involved in the local government polls, former TTUTA member Justin de Freitas and Alderman Danielle Piper.

Previous nominees, including alderman Roger Munro, are still said to be in the running. Munroe is perceived by some groups as having the ability to consolidate areas in the northwest That are crucial to the PNM in the election and where the party fell down in the local government polls.

The Toco/Sangre Grande constituency executive hasn’t given a recommendation and is allowing the screening team to select a candidate. Party groups say they hope the team selects the right person and mistakes made in parts of the constituency aren’t allowed to recur. They said this resulted in the UNC gaining ground and winning the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation in the local government polls.