Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley makes a point during a People’s National Movement post-Budget virtual meeting in Belmont on Thursday night.

People’s National Movement (PMM) Scarborough/Calder Hall/ Mason Hall, and Darryl Spring party groups wrote their political leader and Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley on Wednesday.

They are requesting he address their dissatisfaction with the island council’s screening committee’s decision to select the council’s Lady Vice-Chair Marslyn Melville-Jack as their nominee for the Tobago House of Assembly(THA) elections.

This is the groups’ second letter to the General Council in the last few days.

The members wrote to the party’s island council and copied the letters to the General Council’s Secretary Foster Cummings, noting that three of the five-party groups nominated Dr Denise Tsoiafatt-Angus as their nominee for the THA elections.

They said Cummings replied to them via email, indicating that the island council has “full autonomy” over the nomination process.

The groups said if the matter remains unresolved, they would withhold their votes in the THA election come January, which may lead to the PNM losing the electoral district.

In a letter, the Darryl Spring group called out Cummings for his reply.

They said they found it “ troubling” that he said the national council could not intervene “ in Tobago matters”.

Yet “he was here to meet and train coordinators.”

The groups have sounded a warning.

“The party groups from Mason Hall, Darrell Spring and Government House who fall in Scarborough/Calder Hall, strongly believe that if the wish of the people is not addressed, by either the National Body or the Island Council, we can have a similar occurrence as was in Moruga/Tableland.”

The PNM lost that seat to the United National Congress as party groups were reportedly dissatisfied with the screening committee’s decision to select Winston “Gypsy” Peters to contest the seat.

Commenting on the screening committee’s decision, the council’s first female leader Tracy Davidson- Celestine said she is pleased with the process.

“The screening committee did an excellent job. It’s always challenging for any political committee to choose one person when you have so many quality persons who are willing to serve and have stepped up to the plate. First, we had 41, then 24, and now our final 12 candidates, many of whom are new, who can bring this home for the PNM,” she said in a release.

Meanwhile, the island council is going ahead with its election plan and candidates began walking in all 12 electoral districts on Tuesday.

Here is the full list of the candidates for the THA Elections 2021 elections

1. Parlatuvier/L’Anse Fourmi/Speyside – Rory Dillon

2. Roxborough/Delaford – Neil Beckles

3. Black Rock/Whim/Spring Garden – Kelvon Morris

4. Lambeau/Signal Hill -Tracy Davidson-Celestine

5. Bacolet/Mt. St George – Joel Jack

6. Scarborough/Calder Hall – Marslyn Melville-Jack

7. Providence/Mason Hall/Moriah – Kwesi Des Vignes

8. Belle Garden/Goodwood – Boxil Bailey

9. Plymouth/Golden Lane -Melissa James Guy

10. Canaan/Bon Accord – Clarence Jacob

11. Bethel/Mt. Irvine – Shomari Hector

12. Buccoo/ Mt. Pleasant – Ancil Dennis