Police and army personnel held a joint exercise across the Arima borough yesterday, following the spate of murders.

Dozens of police officers and soldiers locked down a major portion of Arima yesterday, in an exercise to crackdown on spiralling crime.

Arima is currently the district with the highest murder rate for the year, with two recent triple-murders and the shooting death of a barber Thursday night.

There have been 23 homicides for 2020 already.

Officers attached to the Eastern Division locked down several communities in the borough and conducted stop and search exercises.

Police could not give a clear figure of the number of arrests and seizures up to last night.

Residents have been expressing concern about the recent rise in homicides in the district which have left them uneasy, which prompted law enforcement officers to move into the area.

The lockdown began around 12 noon and ran until 3 pm.