ASP Julien Emmanuel

Police have detained a man for the shooting death of a Assistant Superintendent of Police in Chaguanas yesterday.

The crime was allegedly committed with the officer’s firearm.

According to reports, the incident occured as the off-duty officer, Special Reserve ASP Julien Emmanuel, got into an argument with another man over the dumping of chemicals at the officer’s home at Edinburgh 500, Chaguanas, yesterday.

According to a police report, ASP Emmanuel went inside his home and returned with a baton.

A fight broke out between the two during which the neighbour took Emmanuel’s baton and beat him with it.

Emmanuel then went inside his home and returned with his licensed gun.

Both Emmanuel and the man began to fight again and this time, during the struggle, Emmanuel was shot by the man who managed to take away the weapon from him.

Emmanuel was taken to the Chaguanas District Health Facility where he died while undergoing treatment.

Police said Emmanuel was shot in the chest.

Police said the suspect escaped with the gun and but was later held and the firearm recovered.

Investigations are continuing.