Marijuana found in the Balandra forest.

Several people escaped arrest on Sunday when police busted a marijuana camp in the Balandra forest.

According to police reports, acting on information a joint police party journeyed into a forested area off Balandra Road which led them to a camp where they discovered several plastic bags containing marijuana, which had a total weight of 11 kilogrammes.

As the police approached the camp several people were seen running from the camp.

Officers gave chase, but the men disappeared into deeper parts of the forest and made good their escape.

The marijuana eradication exercise was a joint police effort consisting of officers from Toco and Matelot Police Stations, Northern Division Task Force, SIU and the K9 unit.

Also in East Trinidad, a 33-year-old fisherman of Cumana who was on the run and wanted by police on warrants for domestic violence offences was finally held.

Robert George, 33, of Cumana Depot Road, Cumana was arrested in joint police exercise carried out in the Toco districts on Sunday.

The police officers comprising of officers from Toco Police Station led by Ag Cpl Baksh and the Gender Base and Violence Unit led by WPC Narinesingh were on roadblock duties when they stopped and search several vehicles and completed three field interviews forms.

The wanted 33-year-old fisherman was spotted by the officers in a vehicle, which was stopped and the man arrested. unfortunate, when he was seen in a vehicle and was arrested.

He was taken to the Toco Police Station, where he was questioned and then slapped with: Breach of Protection Order and Assault by Beating. The charges were laid by WPC Narinesingh of TTPS Gender Base and Violence Unit.