Flashback: Police detain a group of illegal Venezuelan immigrants in Palo Seco.

As law enforcement officers continue to call on the State to provide more resources to combat illegal immigration, South Western Division police caught 26 Venezuelan nationals sneaking into Palo Seco on Monday.

South Western Division Task Force held the illegal immigrants on Beach Road.

The Santa Flora Police Station is housing the 19 women and children, seven men. They even brought a pet dog with them.

Police sources said there are 31 women and children at the Erin Police Station that are awaiting transfer to the Chaguaramas Heliport, which the Ministry of National Security has converted into a detention centre for illegal immigrants.

As they wait, officers had to purchase diapers, sanitary pads and wipe from their pockets to care for the migrants.

On Sunday, residents living along Erin Beach reported to police that the boat dropped off a large group of immigrants. By the time a team of officers arrived, the immigrants already made their way into the bushes.

Around 8.47 pm on Saturday, Erin police responded to a report of several illegal Venezuelan immigrants hiding near the Erin Fishing Facility. When the officers arrived on the scene, residents informed them that a pirogue dropped off several Venezuelans nearby.

The officers searched the area and saw 13 people with large bags, who were wet and hiding behind a pirogue on the facility.

When the officers spoke to them, they replied in Spanish.

The officers detained the group, which included six women, one man and six children between the ages of three months and ten years. The officers took them to the Siparia District Health Facility, where a doctor examined them and issued quarantine orders.