On his third day of self-quarantine, Commissioner of Police (CoP) Gary Griffith says he is faring well.

Speaking with the Guardian Media on Monday, Griffith said he wears his hat as CoP at home.

“I have never felt better but I am operating as CoP, no different than I would had I been in my office,” Griffith said.

Griffith, who attended a commissioners of police conference in London recently returned to T&T via a connecting flight at Miami International Airport. He was away for ten days. Given the two confirmed cases of COVID-19 last week, Griffith said he chose the most responsible thing to do which is having himself quarantined at home for the stipulated 14-day period.

On Sunday night two more cases were confirmed.

Griffith said he remains committed to his office and the service of the citizens. With respect to the members of the T&T Police Service and the COVID-19 pandemic, Griffith said international models were looked at.

Griffith said his focus at this time is a comprehensive Police Operational Policy to deal with our requirement and support to the nation, dealing with COVID-19, “whilst also looking after the well being of my officers during this period that may involve interaction with the public in the performance of their duties.”

“In the UK there are the containment level and the delay level. The London Metropolitan Police have rigid systems. That will be used based on the change of the level of the problem of the coronavirus,” he said.

“The UK’s policy states that if the virus reaches a serious point where it affects their police force in a large way, they would only respond to violent crime and life and death situations but hoping it doesn’t reach to that point here in T&T,” he added.

Griffith said so far he has not have any symptoms to suggest testing for COVID-19.

Asked how his wife, Nicole and son, who now resides in the UK, were doing, Griffith said they too are well and taking the necessary precautions.