While Cedros police have identified a possible suspect in the poisoning of $40,000 worth of crops, they are yet to make an arrest.

Ivestigators said there are issues with the agricultural land occupied by Chatham farmer, Rishi Ramroop as it may belong to the State.

They said there seems to be a fight over the lands, a possible reason for last Wednesday’s sabotage.

However, investigators are still carrying out inquiries.

Ramroop told Guardian Media that around 6 am last Wednesday, he went to harvest and water crops on the land behind his mother’s house. While picking eggplants, he realised something was wrong with its quality. As he dug cassava, he began to feel nauseous and realised his plants were wilting.

As Ramroop fell ill that night, he realised that someone poisoned his crops with weedicide. He reported the incident to Cedros police. Police said they went to the lands and began their investigation. Ramroop said his family planted on the land for the past 35 years and there were plans to remove him.

He said a man from the Dominican Republic, who was hiding out in the forest, approached him with a gun and threatened to kill him and his family.

With a house loan to pay, he said he has no choice but to plant his crops to supplement his income.